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Setting a Leadership Intention

Do you have a Leadership Development intention for 2023?

You might be reading this with some thoughts of what you want to accomplish, perhaps a goal or even some specific objectives or even just a sense of what might be good to improve this year.

The trouble is just setting a goal or objectives, whilst great it provides us with direction it does not necessarily mean we are engaged, motivated or even set up right to achieve it. 

How often have we all set a goal e.g. I will drive for better results in the team this year and we get halfway through the year and realise the results are not much better, 'but I had a goal and set some clear objectives so why is it not happening?'

In his recent book Atomic Habits by James Clear he cites:

"Most people begin changing habits by focusing on 'what' they want to achieve, which leads to outcome-based habits. The alternative is to build 'identity-based habits', this approach focuses on 'who' we wish to become, a more effective way to change your habits"
James Clear, Atomic Habits

So take a moment today as you start the working week to consider the question, Who do you wish to become as a leader?

Need more support, click on these activity guides to start identifying your Leadership identity or turning your intention into habits.

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