Leadership & Management Development

Our years of experience as Learning & Development specialists in designing, creating and delivering allows us to offer our clients the very best in industry leading Leadership & Management Development.

We understand the the importance of being able to provide value add interventions that not only develop develop leaders & managers for today and tomorrow, but make a sustainable difference on the bottom line.

All our programmes provide practical, real time and robust measures that allow us to identify the return on investment from the start to the finish.

We work in partnership with our clients upfront to understand their needs, assess impact and then create the metrics to measure the success of any intervention we provide.

As an ILM approved centre we can also offer accredited award programmes through the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) as well as always being able to tailor the content for your business.

Our recent launch of our Institute of Leadership & Management Approved 'Future Fit Leadership' programme also allows us to offer existing and new clients a contemporary benchmarked and sustainable leadership development offering.

Some of our more recent work includes ...

ILM Leadership & Management Award Level 5

6 x 1 day Workshops

Pre programme - Leadership 360, Insights Discovery profile with Leadership Coaching session

Workshop 1 & 2 - Understanding Leadership

Workshop 3 - Leading through Change

Workshop 4 & 5 - Leading & Developing Teams

Workshop 6 - Coaching Others

Senior Leadership Team Development


4 x 1 day workshops


Pre programme CliftonStrengths Assessment


Workshop 1 - Strategy to Big Goals


Workshop 2 - Behave to Perform and Grow


Workshop 3 - Connect & Maximise Your Fit


Workshop 3 -  Commit & Avoid Distractions

Management Training - Great Relationships & Solid Results

3 x 1 day workshops

Workshop 1 - Effective Communication

Workshop 2 - From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Workshop 3 - Stepping Up & Holding Others Accountable