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Who we are

Having worked across various industries for many years as a Learning & Development specialist I have always had a passion to 'go it alone' and in 2014 I set up Conscious Potential Ltd.


My vision was to create a business that develops the potential of individuals who either are existing or aspiring to leadership and management.


By providing tailored, expert and professional advice and services that make a difference each and every day.

Since 2014 we have grown to bring in a core of expert trusted Associates who continue to deliver this vision with me.

Suzanne Braid, Conscious Potential Ltd

Our Approach

Suzanne Braid
Hand Holding Color Swatches

Using a blend of coaching and consultative techniques to truly understand your needs by building impactful relationships that allow us to get ‘under the skin’ and discover what’s really going on.


In doing this we help raise self-awareness, understanding of intent v impact and help identify the right actions to drive long term change.

We possess an ability to engage and empower others to ensure the development of any intervention, not only achieves results, but also drives sustainable long-term impact.

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