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Future Fit Leadership

Our Vision is to develop leaders to their fullest potential, where each leader ...

  • Has the freedom to explore their skills, knowledge and behaviours to grow and develop

  • Learns new and exciting ways to enhance their leadership style and impact

  • Takes time to reflect on their impact and commits to make positive change

  • See’s the world more holistically by focusing on the Why, What and the How

  • Delivers outstanding leadership in not only what they do but how they do it!


We do this by working with individuals and teams at all levels to establish sustainable change in their performance by creating the ‘space’ to develop their potential.

So what do we mean by 'space'?

This is where we create a supportive environment to listen, question and in a non judgmental way provide uninterrupted thinking time to allow the individual, leader or team to re-connect with their ‘core purpose’ or ‘why’. It’s only when we get in touch with our ‘why’ do we create strong emotional connections with others and therefore what we do and how we do it.

Our unique approach uses a blend of coaching and consultative techniques to help raise self-awareness, understanding our intent v impact and help identify the right actions to drive sustainable change.


Suzanne Braid

Learning & Development Specialist, CEO of Conscious Potential Ltd

My name is Suzanne Braid I am a highly skilled CIPD qualified Learning & Development, OD and Talent specialist, working over the last 17 years in a wide range of functions across corporate organisations.

The focus of my work is Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Talent Assessment/Development and Coaching.

I work in partnership with a core group of expert trusted Associates who bring a wealth of passion, expertise and industry wide experience. 

What We Offer ...

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Leadership & Management Development

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Suzanne knows her stuff and delivers it in a relaxed yet memorable style.

I have been lucky enough to work with Suzanne in two different companies – once as a fellow colleague where we’d partner to deliver business solutions, the other where Suzanne was an external supplier delivering a series of comprehensive management training programmes with individual coaching sessions throughout.

Internal feedback has always rated Suzanne very highly as an accomplished trainer and coach.

Jen Suttie, People Stance

What Clients Say ...

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Suzanne has played a key part as a Hunter Adams Associate in the delivery of high quality solutions to our clients.


Suzanne is dedicated to her work and clients, this shows through in how she takes time to understand the clients business, then quickly build strong relationships that help her to design and deliver the right solution every time.

Clients are impressed with her work and always provide positive feedback. Suzanne brings a high level of integrity, professionalism and expertise and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to future clients.

Gary Paterson, Gary Paterson Learning & Development 

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Suzanne has coached me to develop my leadership style and impact, she does not shy away from asking the tough questions, which has allowed me to think for myself and as such I have increased my capability much more than I have previously with more traditional coaching approaches

Nina Kwiatkowski, Coachee


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